Flowers at Worlds End Farm

Worlds End by Katie Kukulka

Lately, I’ve been revisiting my memories looking for stories to share here. One, in particular, came to mind about the time I spent at Worlds End farm where I attended an intensive floral design symposium with Sarah and Nicolette of Little Flower School. Both women were generous with their knowledge, and I left feeling well educated in the art of arranging flowers. I was told I have a great eye for color and scolded for death gripping bouquets (also realized this was probably a metaphor for my life, lesson learned ladies).

But what made the time I spent in rural upstate New York special was the atmosphere. Worlds End was, like Sarah’s work, simultaneously wild and refined making it an aesthetic inspiration. After touring her home, I found myself jealously longing for peeling paint, exposed lathe and a kitchen the size of a closet with only a sink.

If you are an aspiring florist or, like me, get your thrills from learning new mediums in which to express your creativity, I suggest enrolling in one of their classes. In the two years since my visit I’ve watched Worlds End change, as all works in progress do, through Sarah’s updates. I hope one day I can visit again and see how far things have come.

Poochi at Worlds End FarmBouquet by Katie KukulkaNicolette and Sarah by Katie KukulkaBouquet by Katie KukulkaWorlds End Farm Worlds End ChickensFlowers at Worlds End
IMAGE DETAILS: Sarah and Eric’s Greek Revival farm house, Poochi, my bouquet, Sarah and Nicolette with their finished sample bouquets, my bouquet again, leftovers, a few friendly and ornery hens, flowers supplied for, then devoured by eager learners.


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