A Floral Season

For me arranging flowers is a therapeutic exercise, a sensory and tactile treat. I discovered this last summer after taking my first floral design class. I spent the rest of the season learning the art from the industry’s best.

My very first floral design class was A Study of Heirloom Roses, with the talented Sarah Ryhanen of Saipua and Nicolette Owen of Nicolette Camille Floral, collectively Little Flower School. Students gathered for the lesson at Garden Valley Ranch in Petaluma, California, where we spent the day cutting heirloom roses from the garden and learning to create arrangements with a wild and elegant aesthetic – their specialty.

A Study of Heirloom Roses with Little Flower School by Katie Kukulka
A Study of Heirloom Roses with Little Flower School by Katie Kukulka  A Study of Heirloom Roses with Little Flower School by Katie KukulkaA Study of Heirloom Roses with Little Flower School by Katie Kukulka  A Study of Heirloom Roses with Little Flower School by Katie KukulkaA Study of Heirloom Roses with Little Flower School by Katie Kukulka
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My finished floral arrangement, working away, Nicolette transforming a tulip by gently bending it’s petals back – creating an entirely new shape to work with, Sarah showing off a selection of poppies, Sarah and Nicolette simultaneously building the foundation of an arrangement, our work space at Garden Valley Ranch and a  stunning demonstration arrangement.

Shortly after my introduction to floral design, I enrolled in Floral Arranging 101 with Chelsea Fuss of Frolic! via Nicole’s Classes. The four week course consisted of step-by-step instructional videos and one-on-one feedback. Students were tasked with creating an arrangement once a week and sharing the photos with Chelsea for critique. We made range of compositions from bouquets to boutineers.

Floral Arranging 101 Hand Tied Bouquet by Katie Kukulka
Floral Arranging 101 Wedding Bouquet by Katie Kukulka  Floral Arranging 101 Flower Crown by Katie Kukulka  Floral Arranging 101 Wild English Arrangement by Katie Kukulka
Floral Arranging 101 | Flower Crown | by Katie Kukulka  flowers101
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My hand tied bouquet, wedding bouquet, flower crown, wild English arrangement. (See my arrangements featured on Frolic!, and Nicole’s Classes blog here and here.)

In early July I spent three inspiring days in Atlanta with Joy Thigpen, and talented aspiring wedding stylists, at her Creative Direction + Styling Workshop. As a small part of our education in aesthetics and styling we designed small lush floral arrangements using sustainably foraged foliage from the grounds of the Inn at Serenbe, along with a shipment of buds from Mayesh.

Flower Arrangement by Katie Kukulka (iPhone)
Joy Styling (iPhone)  Mayesh Delivery
The Inn at Serenbe (iPhone)
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My arrangement, a special floral delivery, Joy styling a paper suite and the grounds of the Inn at Serenbe. (iPhone Images)

Before the summer was through I enrolled in a one day floral design intensive with Jill Rizzo and Alethia Harampolis of Studio Choo and authors of The Flower Recipe Book. The theme was Arranged Collections and students learned to make multiple arrangements that together created a cohesive multi-container composition. These woman have such creative ideas, like adding mushrooms, potted plants and wood slices to arrangements.

Arranged Collections Jill Packing my Arrangements (iPhone)  Arranged CollectionsFlower Table
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My final arranged collection – slightly worse for wear after the ride home, Jill packing up my arrangements, a table of flowers to choose from. (iPhone Images)

All of these woman are masters of their craft and I highly recommend each of the classes I attended. I certainly wouldn’t mind taking them all over again just for fun.

Have you ever taken a floral design class? Ever wanted to?

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Citrine’s warm golden hue is the embodiment of sunshine. It’s richness is intoxicating and I can’t resist it. Luckily 18th and 19th century jewelers were also attracted to the stone. I’ve been fortunate to add a number of antique citrine pieces to my collection and they are some of my favorites.

Victorian Citrine and Pearl Ring by Katie Kukulka
Georgian Citrine Earrings by Katie Kukulka  Foil Backed Georgian Citrine Ring by Katie KukulkaAntique German Silver and Citrine Bracelet by Katie KukulkaLike all gemstones, citrine is said to have properties that transcend physical form. The stone is thought to be warming, energizing and able to activate creativity. It is also said to enhance concentration, raise self confidence and help to release negative fears. Citrine’s metaphysical traits are nearly as beautiful as the stone itself.

Images: Victorian citrine and pearl ring, Georgian citrine and rose gold earrings (on a vintage Swedish downhill skiing trophy), Georgian foil backed citrine ring, antique German silver and citrine bracelet.

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Welcome, I’ve created a new blog to share my thoughts, experiences, knowledge and interests.

I will be posting on topics that inspire me – antique collecting, lost and dying arts, historical curiosities, travel, natural living, antique photographic processes, entrepreneurship. Follow along by subscribing via FeedlyBloglovin’RSS or email (see sidebar).

Paris in June | by Katie KukulkaVictorian Embroidery Scissors | by Katie Kukulka  Beatrix | by Katie KukulkaLong Waves | by Katie Kukulka

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